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How To Search For Assisted Living Facilities

Updated: Sep 3

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Residential Assisted Living

Well all have to start somewhere when its time for searching assisted living options. We turn to the world wide web for a search of "Assisted Living near me" and start calling down the list.

Is this the best way? How do I know what I am looking for when searching for assisted living facilities?

Here is a simple checklist to get you started.

Assisted Living Search Checklist:

1. Set Priorities

We should be thinking of what matters most to us and to our loved ones when setting our priorities. Give careful consideration to what your priorities are and write them down. Keep these in mind throughout your search. Does this give us privacy? Do I get 1 on 1 care? Can I visit without restrictions? These are all valuable questions to ask and should all be on the priority list.

2. Reviews & Feedback

Listen to what others are talking about. We all feel better if someone who has gone through this experience before is sharing their knowledge and giving their feedback. Its important to look at the best review and look at the worst review. Each of us has different needs and will have different experiences. Find an average score and trust that it is probably more accurate.

3. Location

Some say that location is everything. They might be right. Location is very important when it comes to selecting a assisted living facility. Is it easy to get to? Does it allow access to families to enjoy local parks and walkways? These are important questions to ask when looking at which place to choose.

4. Compare Amenities

For some this might be the most important question to ask. Does it have a pool? Does it have frequent meals? Does it allow pets? We can all agree that we want to most amenities for our money. Beware that having good amenities does not mean quality care. If you find a simple place that gives 1 on 1 quality care, this might override this decision.

All assisted living facilities are similar that they provide accommodations for elderly needs is time of health decline. Not all assisted living facilities are similar in the quality of care that is given. Make a call, take a tour and you will know right away which place is not right for you. Then fall back to your priorities and you will be happy with your decision.

If you are looking for assisted living in St George, Utah please call 435-421-1259 for a free assessment and virtual tour to see if Southern Comfort Care is right for you.

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